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Samuel had moved to the US with his parents and younger brother, Dan in ’94. Writing has been a part of his life since childhood, when he wrote various stories on his grandpa’s typewriter that he’d gotten in WWII.

His family has taken to technology-driven professions – mom and brother are programmers and dad has an engineering degree, but didn’t have the luck to secure such a job in the US, so he works proudly for St Jude Medical.

Samuel has always struggled with school for problems with attention span, but he managed to graduate high school on-time with a 2.1 GPA and enroll in the U of WI, Superior. That’s where the idea for the book came to him, while living in the dormitories.
A Flower’s Stem was partly inspired by the chemistry and contrast between the characters played by Jennifer Lopez and Jim Caviezel in the movie Angel Eyes. The book is meant to get people to think far outside the box and to experience life scenarios which we sometimes play out in our heads, but not attempt in real life. It’s an abstract book and is likely to have unpredictable effect on various demographics of readers.

Samuel resides in Minneapolis, USA. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications New Media and hopes to get Master’s in Psychology someday.

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